The defenders of besieged Leningrad.19.12.2015

Honorary citizen of St. Petersburg Mikhail Bobrov opened the monument. It was he, who together with his comrades Aloysius Zięba, Prigozhevoy Alexandra, Olga Firsova and Mikhail Shestakov saved the city at the beginning of the war - sheltered and painted architectural monuments, including the Peter and Paul Cathedral. - I am very pleased that I was able to meet my friends on this memorable sign, they are not alive any more, - said Mikhail. - I remember everything to the smallest details. How we climbed up the spire, painted it over by gray paint. The rest of the domes were covered with gold leaf, we have masked their by canvas covers. Worked at night, never went home. We rested in the Peter and Paul Cathedral by the tombs of emperors: put mattresses and slept there. We saved our architecture and admired the city. It was extraordinarily beautiful, even during the blockade. Masking of the highest architectural structure of Leningrad (122.5 meters) lasted from October 1941 to February 1942. These were some of the most difficult days of the siege of Leningrad. The temperature often dropped to below 42 degrees below zero. In the first winter of the siege Mikhail Bobrov and Aloysius Zięba worked on the spire of the cathedral, and in the spring of 1942 until the end of the blockade Olga Firsova, Mikhail Shestakov made the disguise. Alexander Prigozheva and Aloysius Zięba died in the siege of Leningrad of the starvation in 1942. Everybody is welcome to book a tour of St. Petersburg with j-travel-spb.
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